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Locally owned and operated roofing service Dallas - Colt Construction
customer guarantee warranty roofing service Dallas - Colt Construction
24-7-emergency roofing service Dallas - Colt Construction

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Signs That You Need a New Roof in DFW

Your roof is working 24/7 to keep your Dallas-Fort Worth home safe from the elements. In the event that your roof is damaged or wears out, it may silently begin to let the outside in, causing major problems for your home down the road. Mold, mildew, and leaks are all potential consequences of an unrepaired roof.

If you know the signs to look for, you can catch your roof before it fails, and get a convenience replacement roof to keep your home dry and secure. Here are the most common signs to keep an eye out for in Texas:

Your Roof is Old

The typical asphalt roof lasts for some 20 to 30 years. If you know that your roof is approaching its 30th birthday, you should plan on having your roof replaced. 

If you have a wonderfully resilient and beautiful tile roof, you can expect 40 to 50 years of useful service out of your roof.

Several factors contribute to your roof’s effective age. For instance, asphalt shingles are commonly installed in layers. If your original roof has a layer of shingles installed over the top of it, this secondary layer reduces your overall lifespan.

You Have Damaged Shingles

If your shingles are starting to look worn out, and you are noticing granules in your gutter downspouts, this is your roofs way of calling for help. Asphalt shingles fade in color and shed a large amount of granules as they begin to fail. A compromised shingle does not effectively shed water, and becomes an ingress point for moisture.

You See Leaks from the Roof

If you notice unexplained water stains on your ceiling after heavy rains, that is a clear signal that your roof is leaking! Oftentimes, the signs of a failing roof are subtle. If you notice water stains indoors, it is worth your time to consult a roofing inspector. Our team of roofing inspection pros would be happy to come out and have a look, giving you the peace of mind you deserve!

If you are wanting to team up with a better roofing repair company to install your new roof, bring in Colt Construction today at 817-789-7588!

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Eric V.
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When it finally came time to replace our roof we had the good fortune to tag up with Luke Anderson. I’m a tough grader; Luke and his team performed as one would hope on any project — they met their promises with quality work, on-time and on-budget. Highly recommend.
Wayne R.
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I had used Luke at Colt to do a roof replacement in Allen a few years back. When we needed another replacement after storms in our new home, he responded. It was great as he came and met with the adjuster during their inspection, was flexible and accommodating to our needs and scheduling and was able to complete the work on time and completely well done. So now I have had them replace 2 roofs on 2 different homes and would strongly recommend him.
Steve B.
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Luke and his team went above and beyond (times 2) to repair our roof and house. We had a unique situation and Luke worked tirelessly to resolve it. There are hundreds of roofers in this area and I would not even consider another, I trust Luke.
Lauren B.
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My husband and I have worked with Luke and his team on numerous projects and their work is exceptional. They take great pride in workmanship, are efficient and timely, will do what they say, and they stand behind there work after they have completed it. You will not be disappointed.
Dean C.
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Colt Construction did a fantastic job on our roof. Luke signed us up, walked us through each step, made sure we received full payment from our insurance company, and was here when the job started and here for final clean up.

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Locally owned and operated roofing service Dallas - Colt Construction
customer guarantee warranty roofing service Dallas - Colt Construction
24-7-emergency roofing service Dallas - Colt Construction



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