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Energy Efficient Shingles in Dallas/Fort Worth 

We’ve all experienced the intense heat of the Texas sun, and during the heat of summer, the only reprieve is inside your air-conditioned home. But running your AC has the undesirable side-effect of raising your energy bills. There are many tips and how-to guides for lowering your energy bills, but did you know that your shingles can cut your energy consumption? In fact, your roof is a huge source of heat transfer and can drive up internal temperatures which causes your AC to work in overdrive. 

Energy efficient shingles installed by Colt Construction are specially designed to reduce your home’s energy consumption. 

Lower Your Energy Bills With “Cool Roof” Shingles 

Energy efficiency shingles are a high-tech solution to cutting down on your home energy costs. They’re built using cutting-edge construction technology that absorbs much less solar heat than standard asphalt shingles. In fact, standard shingles only reflect 3% of solar heat, but “cool roof” shingles deflect as much as 30%. Since the amount of heat transferred into your home is reduced, your AC doesn’t need to work as hard. Less energy means lower bills – neat, huh?

To learn more about the many exciting benefits of installing energy efficient shingles, give us a call or fill out the simple online form. 

Dallas/Fort Worth’s Energy Efficient Shingle Experts

Are high-tech energy efficient shingles in your future? If your future includes saving money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for! Colt Construction is a leading provider of energy efficient roofing solutions in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding area. We combine high-quality roofing materials with refined installation techniques for an unparalleled level of service. 

Simply give us a call at (817) 789-7588 or fill out the quick online form to get a free estimate for an energy efficient shingle installation in Dallas. 

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Eric V.
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When it finally came time to replace our roof we had the good fortune to tag up with Luke Anderson. I’m a tough grader; Luke and his team performed as one would hope on any project — they met their promises with quality work, on-time and on-budget. Highly recommend.
Wayne R.
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I had used Luke at Colt to do a roof replacement in Allen a few years back. When we needed another replacement after storms in our new home, he responded. It was great as he came and met with the adjuster during their inspection, was flexible and accommodating to our needs and scheduling and was able to complete the work on time and completely well done. So now I have had them replace 2 roofs on 2 different homes and would strongly recommend him.
Steve B.
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Luke and his team went above and beyond (times 2) to repair our roof and house. We had a unique situation and Luke worked tirelessly to resolve it. There are hundreds of roofers in this area and I would not even consider another, I trust Luke.
Lauren B.
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My husband and I have worked with Luke and his team on numerous projects and their work is exceptional. They take great pride in workmanship, are efficient and timely, will do what they say, and they stand behind there work after they have completed it. You will not be disappointed.
Dean C.
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Colt Construction did a fantastic job on our roof. Luke signed us up, walked us through each step, made sure we received full payment from our insurance company, and was here when the job started and here for final clean up.

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